Learn SEO – 7 Free Ways To Drive Massive Targeted Traffic To Your Business!

Learn SEO – 7 Free Ways To Drive Massive Targeted Traffic To Your Business!

Internet marketing is one of the most important ways to drive people to your business. However, most people think they have to pay out hundreds of dollars before even getting one visitor but that is no longer true. You don’t just have to pay to get visitors; there are many good and free ways in which you can drive traffic to your website. However, how can you get massive targeted traffic to your business?

Shared Back Links at No Extra Charge

It’s always good to make friends with other online businesses out there, especially when it comes to getting some free Los Angeles marketing. You can actually set up dozens of link campaigns with similar sites to yours or at least those in the same line as you. This way you have the ability to share links with dozens of websites meaning you have potentially hundreds coming to your website all through free shared back links. It’s a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Write Articles and Post For Free Online

It’s really simple to write articles and post them online because there are hundreds of article directories where you can post the. What is more, you have the ability to add your website’s name and links in these articles which means massive amounts of people can head to your website. These articles can be really important however especially if you implement SEO – search engine optimization in them so that you use the right keywords and target the right visitors. This is a great free way to get Los Angeles targeted traffic.

Use SEO Wisely By Adding the Right Keywords to Your Site

SEO is important and it can be free as well. When you have a website, you can’t just have any content there without adding some proper keywords. However, this can be done easily as you can slip in a few chosen keywords into your website’s pages. Of course, you cannot keyword stuff because it’s illegal and your site will be banned, however, if you’re wise and use the right keywords in the right places, you can absolutely drive the amount of traffic to your site up by millions. If done correctly, your LA marketing strategy might work for you.

Ad Swapping

Similar to back links, ad swapping is really neat. You and another site can exchange ads on the other’s site for free and the only thing you need to worry about is how many people will click on your ads. You can however do this with hundreds of different sites that are similar to your website so that it drives in a massive amount of traffic to your website. It’s been done before and it’s actually good to drive web traffic.

Online Videos

Advertising and marketing your business can actually be easy through online videos. You can easily make a video about your services or business for free and post online. If done correctly you will get a massive amount of traffic in to your site. It’s possible and it’s been done before; and it can all be done through SEO methods. It doesn’t need to be someone talking in the video but rather a slideshow and if you can use a good META tag, it can drive people to your website.

Social Media Campaigns

Just because you try a media campaign through a social network site, it doesn’t mean you have to pay for it. If you know a lot about social networking sites then you can easily create a good campaign to bring in thousands into your website. It does take a little determination however and some determination but social networking and social media can be a great way to drive web traffic to your business. You basically update people about what you have to offer and post messages daily also.

An Email Campaign

An email campaign can be free and easy to create as well. You can easily start off with having a few names to send out updates and newsletters from but once you do, you can get the word out greatly bringing in massive amounts of traffic to your business. If you keep them updated with the latest deals or services, it can be a great way to get targeted traffic into your website.


Use the Free Tools to Help Get Started

Paying for marketing and advertising can be so costly and it can be the downfall of you before you even begin. That is why it is important to learn about SEO and use the free tools and services that are available to you. SEO especially is important and it doesn’t need to cost you to be profitable for your business. You can drive massive numbers of people to your business when you know some free targeted traffic methods.

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